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“Not all heroes wear capes.” This probably rings true for most of us. We all remember the stories about popular superheroes and their adventures but we also know that there are real heroes raised by the Prophet (PBUH) who are good influences in our lives. Let us empower our youths to be able to make the right choices in the 21st century. Choices that are based on the right values, and on the right path.


Unfortunately, our youths face a lot of external influences that we as parents did not experience in our own youth. How then can we try to help our children navigate their way through all the hurdles that they will face while maintaining their identity as strong and pious Muslims?


These are the stories of 4 companions - Abu Bakar, Aishah, Ali, and Fatimah - of Prophet Muhammad PBUH and how their different personality traits helped them become great leaders and influencers of their time.


This programme allows your child to be inspired by their characters, values and humility, and learn how they can best emulate them to become a leader in their own ways.


Who are the Heroes in Islam that we will be discussing in this programme, and what are their personality traits?

  • 2nd December (Online Onboarding): Sayyidina Abu Bakar: How did he use his gentle character to lead and inspire others? How did he become firm when he needed to be?
  • 5th December (Online): Saiyyidatina 'Aishah: Well-known for her intelligence, learn how 'Aishah used this trait of hers to become an important source of knowledge for the men and women of her time.
  • 7th December (Online): Saiyyidina 'Ali: Having been brought up with Islam since young, 'Ali had to put up a resistance against the enemies of Islam. Learn how his courage inspired others to hold on to their faith.
  • 9th December (Online): Saiyyidatina Fatimah: The daughter of the Prophet PBUH, she witnessed the trials that her father and other early Muslims had to go through. Learn how her resilience helped her show a great example to the Muslims around her!



$35 per pax (normal fee)
One pass is for one household, ie. You only need to purchase one pass if you have more than 1 child.

Heroes In Islam [Online]

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