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When I’m Disconnected Spiritually.

On some days, I feel disconnected and unable to feel affirmed spiritually. That feeling is of a sense of something missing, that should be there, but doesn’t show itself front and center.

These are usually days that might be more stressful or difficult. I find myself unable to feel like the spiritual connection I have with God as a Muslim is at the top of my mind.

On those days, I usually seek comfort in the affirmations that I see online. In more languages than one, and sometimes in the absence of a translation. I know that I feel disconnected and disengaged, but that feeling this way is not a sign of being removed from one’s faith but a sign that I need to, and can return to the feeling of being connected spiritually and mentally to my faith.

I seek comfort in the story of Prophet Yunus (A.S.), who initially felt disconnected from his role as the Messenger, but eventually found faith in the belly of the whale, where he knew that only God had the ability to save him.

On such days, I find hope in the ability to start a new day, to be connected tomorrow.

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