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How My Faith Has Grown Stronger As I Invested in My Wellbeing.

Updated: Feb 9, 2022

My faith has been a cornerstone of my recovery. For me, I find comfort, healing, and hope for a newer and better tomorrow in the faith I hold in God. My strongest supporters are also people who remind me of His role in my life.

It’s no surprise that becoming more invested in my wellbeing has made me a better, stronger person of faith. I have an imperfect application of it in my life - like everyone else - but it has been a big pillar of strength. Sessions of even just writing for a mental health magazine or talking to someone with the same life challenges as me is deeply healing. And each one of these steps brings me closer to what I seek - a bigger connection to faith.

Faith is one of the building blocks of my humanity and having a better relationship with it is something that being more mindful of my wellness has helped.

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