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The Benefits of Acknowledging That You’re Doing Your Best, No Matter How People Perceive It.

This year, I and everyone else went through a lot. Mostly because we went through something new for the first time. Covid-19 was that something. Instead of being a source of transformation, I did see myself struggling to understand what was going on around me at times.

But it was this period when I faced up to the fact that I was doing my best. No matter what other people thought that was. I tried my best by being open to sharing what it was making me feel like. By refusing to be unaware of how it made others feel. By trying to be there for the people who felt it the most. By empathising with those who didn’t understand what was going on. I tried my best because I didn’t know that I wasn’t going to be able to try anything less.

No matter what we may all think of how we reacted to this this year, what we did was our best. No matter what anyone else thought of it. No matter what it was on a scale of productive to extremely productive. We did our best, knowing that we only had ourselves and each other to rely upon. Knowing that that’s all we were going to have at the end of the day and making some form of peace with it.

We walk into the new year, knowing that despite not feeling that our best was what we did, what we did was our best attempt. It wasn’t something we should reject or disregard. It’s something we should celebrate. It’s our work that we did with earnestness and sincerity that brought us to the end of the year. No matter what we may think of it.

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